Livestream and Verizon team up to launch Broadcaster with built-in 4G LTE

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The Livestream Broadcaster has been available since May of last year, and while the streaming add-on's had LTE capabilities since its debut back in April, something like a USB dongle was required to get such internet connectivity. Soon, however, that's about to change, as Livestream announced today that it's teamed up with Verizon to offer a new version of the Broadcaster. Essentially, the appropriately named Livestream Broadcaster LTE will boast the same features as the previous revision but with the obvious inclusion of a 4G chip using Verizon's speedy network. What's more, the novel unit also replaces the need for AA batteries with one that's built in, while support for 5.4GHz WiFi can be found aboard the refreshed Broadcaster as well. There's no specific pricing details (or availability, for that matter) as of yet, but Livestream did tell us we can expect its Broadcaster LTE to ship later in the spring of this year.

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