Matias' new Mini Quiet and Laptop Pro bring silent mechanical keyboards to road warriors (update: hands-on video)

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Matias' new Mini Quiet and Laptop Pro bring silent mechanical keyboards to road warriors (update: hands-on video)

Remember that unheralded Matias keyboard that we spotted at the FCC a few weeks back? Well, it transpires that it was one of a pair of units for those who want tactile typing on the go -- but without encouraging the death-stares of their fellow commuters. The (wired) Mini Quiet Pro for PC and Bluetooth Laptop Pro for Mac are tenkeyless units that use the same modified ALPS "Quiet Click" switches that we found on the Quiet Pro. The Mini Quiet Pro comes with a three-port USB 2.0 hub and a spare cable that you can tote around in your laptop bag and will set you back $130. The Laptop Pro, on the other hand, gets a high-capacity battery that the company promises will last half a year between charges and will cost $170. Both are available to pre-order now for delivery in February.%Gallery-175398%

So, we've now had a chance to get a few minutes with the devices, and despite the modified ALPS switches, they retain much of the clickiness that makes one of these so satisfying. Compared to a traditional (read: loud) unit, and there's a demonstrable difference, to the point where they're nearly no louder than your average laptop keyboard. They're well-built and hefty, and while you'll certainly feel them in your laptop bag, they're not as unwieldy as you might expect. If you'd like to see someone hamfistedly hammer at both of these devices, watch the video.

Dana Murph contributed to this report.

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World's Quietest Mechanical Keyboard is now Smaller and Wireless

TORONTO, January 8, 2013 - The world's quietest mechanical keyboard is the Quiet Pro by Matias, released less than 4 months ago, to resoundingly positive reviews. Next week at CES - LVCC Booth #5633 - Matias will show their new compact models: the Mini Quiet Pro for PC and the wireless Laptop Pro for Mac.

"Mechanical keyboards have really grown in popularity, since we first started making them 10 years ago. Even Logitech sells them now. But they all had the same fundamental problem - too loud to use in a shared office, too loud to use around other people. We fixed that with the Quiet Pro, and now we're releasing more compact models that occupy less space on your desk, and are even small enough to take with you in your laptop bag," said Edgar Matias, CEO of Matias.

The Mini Quiet Pro for PC is essentially a smaller Quiet Pro. The number pad has been removed, but all of its other features remain, including the 3-port USB 2.0 hub - very handy for plugging in flash drives and other USB devices. Its cable is now detachable, making it easy to unplug and stow in your laptop bag, and Matias generously includes an extra cable for travel. All of this comes at a price $20 less than the Quiet Pro - $129.95.

"The Laptop Pro for Mac is so named because it's wireless - making it easy to use in your lap. This is especially good for business travellers, who are often stuck with a less-than-ergonomic desk in their hotel room. The Laptop Pro is already a better keyboard than the one built into their notebook computer. The ability to type with it on your lap makes it that much more comfortable," said Matias.

The Laptop Pro is equipped with an Ultra High Capacity rechargeable battery. Matias claims that, in typical use, it shouldn't require charging more than once or twice a year.

Price & Availability

The (USB) Mini Quiet Pro for PC is $129.95 (US). The (Bluetooth) Laptop Pro for Mac is $169.95. Both can be pre-ordered now, for delivery in February, from, and will be available soon from authorized resellers.

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