Leaked images may show black & white Blackberry Z10s, BBM Video and more (updated)

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As Sony, Apple and others well know, it's hard to slip a phone into the marketplace without leaks, considering the many, many points on the supply chain where Mr. Blurrycam can spot it. This time, Rapid Berry allegedly espied promotional photos that look like they came directly from the source, hitting all the Blackberry 10 marketing points like the upcoming Z10 handset in black and white, BBM Video with Screenshare, the new BB keyboard and the so-called Time Shift Camera. While we've seen much of this before, these are among the first press-type pics we've seen straight from RIM -- and tie up the imminent Blackberry 10 future with a pretty bow, if real. Go to the source to see the entire series.

Update: Rapid Berry's also found a short video showing BBM Video in action at the coverage link below.

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