Samsung Galaxy S series: over 100 million served

The Galaxy S III's 30 million sales landmark? Impressive, but still just part of a larger equation -- according to Samsung, its entire line of Galaxy S phones has now sold over 100 million units collectively. According to the firm's Flickr page, the line of popular smartphones passed the nine-digit mark two years and 7 months after the original Galaxy S hit the market. Since then, the Galaxy S II has sold over 40 million units, doubling its sales since February. New iterations old hardware and up and comers like the Galaxy S III mini contribute to the big number too, but Sammy puts the focus on old number three, citing 190,000 as the Galaxy S III's average daily sales. So, that's what it takes to sell 500 phones a minute.

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Samsung GALAXY S Series Surpasses 100 Million Unit Sales

January 14, 2013

• Samsung has announced that global channel sales of the company's flagship smartphone, GALAXY S III and its two
predecessors GALAXY S and GALAXY S II have surpassed 100 million units sales as of January 13, 2013.

• Samsung GALAXY smartphones are intuitive and easy to use, display photos and videos on dazzling screens, and
deliver a premium user experience with a design that is elegant and feels natural.

• The GALAXY S, has reached over 24 million global channel shipments, achieving 10 million of these during the first
seven months after its launch in June 2010.

• Building on this success Samsung launched the GALAXY S II in April 2011. This smartphone reached around
40 million shipments, achieving 10 million global channel sales in just five months.

• In May 2012, Samsung unveiled the GALAXY S III - a smartphone designed for humans and inspired by nature.
It revolutionized the user experience, and was critically acclaimed, achieving 20 million global channel sales in
just 100 days – which made it Samsung's fastest selling smartphone yet.

• GALAXY S III has now passed the mark of 40 million unit channel sales.