Murtazin: next Vertu blingphone will run Android, stoop to Rolex-style pricing (updated)

Our favorite Russian blogger, who's admittedly often wrong on a few little things, says he has the low-down on a new Vertu smartphone coming in February. It'd be the first release since Nokia sold the luxury brand to a private equity firm last year, and Eldar Murtazin claims the rumored switch from Symbian to Android is definitely a go-er. He also reckons the handset will cost around $4,000, which is loose change compared to some previous Vertus -- like the $27k model shown above. There are no further details to report, aside from a fleeting reference to the legacy of Nokia's 8800 slider, so don't go converting your Swiss francs just yet.

Update: Although a new Android-powered Vertu now seems even more plausible following subsequent leaks, an unofficial but reliable source tells us the price reported here is way off -- it'll actually come in closer to $10,000.