Apple museum to appear at Atlanta computer festival

Apple museum to appear at Atlanta computer festival

Anyone who has been part of the Apple world for more than a couple of years has a collection of favorite devices, some of which are beginning to turn into true museum pieces. Atlanta-area Apple geeks will get a chance to see a huge collection of Apple devices April 20 and 21, 2013 in Roswell, Georgia at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (VCFSE).

The Apple Pop-Up Museum is part of a much larger display, but a full 6,000-square-foot area is set aside strictly for Apple's products. The Apple space is even divided up into rooms:

  • Pre-Apple Room

  • Apple I Room

  • Apple II Room

  • Turmoil Years Room

  • No Founders Left Room

  • Jobs' Come Back Room

  • Ive's Colors Room

  • iPod / iPhone / iPad Room

  • The Timeline Lounge

  • Apple's Present to the Future Room

Should VCFSE give you the urge to repair that Macintosh Color Classic that has been collecting dust in your basement, there will be inexpensive "introduction to soldering" classes all day, every day. Gamers are going to love the vintage game area, where classic games will be running on computers and old game consoles.

An adult ticket to VCFSE is $10 for one-day admission and $15 for both days. Kids 17 years of age and younger get in free when accompanied by a parent or guardian.