Vendetta Online aiming for Steam release

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|02.05.13

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Vendetta Online aiming for Steam release
Vendetta on Steam's Greenlight, sporting new gameplay trailer
Guild Software is seeking to release it's long-running Vendetta Online MMO on Steam, and the space-based sandbox title needs your vote to clear Valve's Greenlight hurdle.

Vendetta is one of a very few MMORPGs that natively supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and Guild founder John Bergman says that his team would "like to integrate some of Steam's community and achievement features."

Vendetta features physics-based PvE and PvP combat, extensive trading and economic gameplay, and an active development team that has been iterating on the game since its 2002 release. The firm's Kickstarter project, which is designed to fund both an in-game expansion and an expansion to iOS platforms, has 19 days remaining. Head past the cut for a two-minute gameplay trailer.

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