Samsung Display drops injunction request against LG Display, moves closer to OLED peace

While actual peace is suddenly in some doubt in the region, Korean display makers LG Display and Samsung Display have moved a step closer to resolving their legal issues. Yonhap News reports that Samsung has dropped a request to block LG's products based on the use of its confidential OLED tech. LG responded by trying to ban several Galaxy phones and tablets, however just a few days ago it was reported that the two are meeting behind closed doors to work out the disagreements. If they can come to an agreement, let's hope that spirit of goodwill can extend to nuke wielding world leaders and tech giants alike.

Update: Samsung Display sent over a statement, which is included after the break.

Samsung Display is pleased that it is in the process of reconciling differences with LG Display regarding OLED technology, outside of the courtroom. In so doing, we are seeking to maximize national competitiveness and enable fair competition.