Samsung's David Eun: ongoing Apple v. Samsung litigation 'a loss' for innovation

David Eun, presently serving as EVP at Samsung's Open Innovation Center after stints at AOL, Google, Time Warner and NBC Entertainment, just took the stage here in Dana Point, California during the opening night of D:Dive Into Media 2013. While the interview was certainly a wide-ranging one, one particular diversion caught our ear. Breaking from discussions on Eun's view of Samsung as a content company, Swisher asked Eun quite pointedly about its relationship with Apple. Eun chuckled a bit, making quite clear that he himself was not the whole of Samsung. While Eun wouldn't comment on the specifics of the ongoing litigation, he did note that as a evangelist of Silicon Valley and a consumer of technology, he views the deadlock as "a loss."

It was actually a pretty candid response, and it was clear from his body language that he truly is less than thrilled that the legal struggles are ongoing. As Eun noted, Samsung makes money each time an iPhone is sold, yet the two companies are indeed competitors on some levels. Eun confessed that he'd simply have to let the lawyers battle it out, but it was quite refreshing to hear a Samsung executive admit what most laypeople have long since believed: that the patent quibbles are hindering innovation on the whole.

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