Guild Wars 2 cross-breeds a new PvP map

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|02.13.13

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Guild Wars 2 cross-breeds a new PvP map
Guild Wars 2 crossbreeds a new PvP map
There's a new PvP map coming to the wild lands of the Norn in Guild Wars 2, and it's a smash-up of two popular zones to create a whole new flavor. Spirit Watch combines a capture-the-flag mechanic with a conquest template, all set against dizzying drops of cliffs and crags.

There are three capture points in Spirit Watch that influence the score of the "flag" (in this case, a shiny orb) coming home to roost. Players running the orb have a movement penalty and must make a choice as to which capture point to head toward: Capture points that a team control offer up 30 points per orb, enemy and neutral capture points offer 15 points per orb, and enemy capture points that have an orb tossed into them will be converted to a neutral point.

The Spirit Watch PvP map will come with the hefty update planned for later this month. You can get a quick eyeful of it with a video after the jump, however.

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