Getting your music outta a tight Jam

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Jam (free) is one of those little apps that has found great traction over here at TUAW. From a pair of charming Australian developers, it helps you create silly, but engaging auto-tuned tracks in a variety of styles.

It does have, as we discovered, one major flaw. It expects you to use and engage with Facebook. No Facebook, no Jam account, no music sharing.


Okay, yeah, that's not the worst thing in the world, but it's one that some of us really don't care for.

Jam, for whatever reason, has not engaged iTunes sharing. You cannot just hook up your phone and recover music from the iTunes app tab. What a pity!

So can you enjoy the Jam and skip the Facebook? Why, yes you can!

Ecamm's PhoneView ($29.95) allows you to browse your iPhone and visit the folders for each of your installed apps. It just keeps getting better and better each year.

I connected my phone, navigated to the Apps, making sure to enable the Show All Apps checkbox and opened the Jam folder. Inside its Documents subfolder, I found my music. (This was along with a lot of other files that the School Marm iPhone Dev in me feels should properly live in the Library not in Documents. But I digress.)

Getting your music outta a tight Jam

Recordings are stored in m4a format and labeled with the date and beats per minute. You can use PhoneView to grab those out to your desktop. From there, you can archive your creations, play them in iTunes or QuickTime and/or share them over email.

Finding this solution has made me a lot more excited about purchasing some of the other Jam styles. I think I may spring for Pop or '80s Dance next!

Oh wait.

Getting your music outta a tight Jam

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