Mayor Bloomberg aims to ease range anxiety in NYC with 10K EV charging points by 2019

Most electric vehicle news as of late has been focused on the Tesla Motors vs the New York Times situation, but lest we forgot it's not all about Model S sedans and Superchargers. Giving his State of the City 2013 address for New York, Mayor Bloomberg let loose some exciting prospects for the EV faithful. As SlashGear notes, the city aims to expand beyond its 220 charging points (100 of which are public) to a whopping 10,000 (including 30 more for the city government) by 2019, while hoping to have landlords make 20-percent of all parking friendly to EVs. Beyond that, the city will test the viability of two quick-chargers that would allow some vehicles to juice up in about 30 minutes. Whether the city ultimately approves the lofty plans it their current form will remain to be seen, but, at the very least, we'll be glad to have more in place for decreasing range anxiety near the Big Apple. You can watch the full recording of the address by heading past the break.