An iPad mini with Retina display could cost $12 more to build

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.18.13

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An iPad mini with Retina display could cost $12 more to build

Hardware market research firm iSuppli has released a new report that claims the cost-per-device of an iPad mini sporting a Retina display screen could be fairly high: as much as $12 or more. Even if all of the other parts stay the same price, just adding a Retina display in the iPad mini's size, iSuppli's report suggests, would bring Apple's cost above $200, which would likely mean higher costs for consumers as well.

Which doesn't seem all that impossible -- the current iPad mini is selling quite well at $329, and you have to think that potential purchasers would be happy to spend a bit more for a full Retina display. Plus, if Apple really needed to shave some of that margin off just to boost sales, it probably could (though that would be a very un-Apple move, and it seems like it'll be a while before the iPad mini needs any extra help). For any other company, $12 per device might be a real problem, but Apple has still has quite a few options to deal with such a high increase in cost.

Not to mention that Apple is always working on its supply costs, so while that may be the price now, the company may be working hard on figuring out a new way to supply and develop smaller Retina displays, or to work out a deal to make them cheaper in general. It's true, putting the Retina display in the iPad mini won't be cheap at the moment, but if anyone can figure out a way to do so without attacking their very high margin, it'll be Apple.

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