Daily iPhone App: DailyArt serves up a new masterpiece each day

Kick off your day with a new work of art from DailyArt. The iPhone app serves up a new masterpiece every day and includes paintings and photographs from a wide range of artists like the classic impressionist Monet and pioneer photographer Henry Fox Talbot.

DailyArt Pro uses push notifications to alert you when the artwork of the day has been posted. Each image includes the title of the work along with the artist's name. You can tap on these names to view background information about the piece. I appreciated the educational aspect of DailyArt as it allowed me to not only view paintings I had never seen before, but also learn how and why they were created.

As is the case with most apps, DailyArt has a social component that lets you share your favorite work of art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also send a masterpiece via email or save it to your camera roll. The app uses a swipe-based interface to navigate between today's artwork and those featured in the past. You can also pinch and zoom on a piece to view its intricate details. If a painting catches your eye, you can mark it and save it to a gallery of your favorites.

I enjoyed the spontaneity of DailyArt Pro and looked forward to learning about a new work of art each day. The one feature that I wished it had was a filter that would let me choose which artists, styles or time periods I would see. It would be wonderful to see impressionist paintings for a week and then switch to modern painters for the next week.

With its superb images and informative biographical blurbs, DailyArt is perfect for those looking to add some culture to their day. You can download DailyArt Pro for US$0.99 from the iOS App Store. It is a universal app that'll run on your iPhone or iPad.