Twitter to drop TweetDeck for AIR, Android and iOS, will also pull Facebook integration

Twitter to drop TweetDeck for AIR, Android and iOS, also pulling Facebook integration

We hope you weren't overly attached to TweetDeck for Android and iOS on mobile, or AIR on the desktop. Twitter has revealed that it's sending those birds the way of the dodo: all three will be pulled from their relevant app stores in early May, and they should stop functioning altogether not long after that point. Facebook integration also won't hang around, the company says. The company argues that web-based versions of TweetDeck (and their native equivalents) will do the job on the desktop, and that expansion of the regular Twitter app should be enough to cover "most" smartphone and tablet users. However, it also acknowledges that there will be at least a few mobile users who'll have no official recourse for a more advanced experience, especially if they value Facebook. Good thing the company isn't limiting access to third-party alternatives... wait a minute.