Tokyoflash's cryptography-inspired Kisai X watch tells time via pyramid lens, LED lights

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|03.05.13

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Tokyoflash's cryptography-inspired Kisai X watch tells time via pyramid lens, LED lights

Tokyoflash, maker of highly conceptual, anything-but-your-average-wristwatch products like the Kisai OTO and the Kisai Maru, is outing its latest device: the Kisai X. Like many of the company's timepieces, the X is the result of fan submissions. In this case, it was co-designed by Firdaus Rohman and Heather Sable, who clearly were inspired by cryptography. Like several other Kisai watches, the X doesn't put a priority on easily decipherable digits. In fact, it may take you a little while to master reading the watch face, which sports a pyramid display available with blue, green or red LEDs. The four triangular facets of the watch display the time with very stylized numbers -- the image above shows the watch at 6:22, but we'd recommend checking out the video below for a closer look.

Aside from that intriguing time-telling system, the Kisai X features standard watch amenities, such as date and alarm modes that can be activated by pressing a button on the side of the device. There's also an animation mode that will activate an LED light show every 10 minutes, which is sure to perplex the Casio-wearing masses even more. The battery is USB-rechargeable, and you can pick a black or silver stainless-steel wristband. The Kisai X is available now for $99 (€75, £65), but Tokyoflash says that price will go up in 48 hours. Click through to the source link to nab one now. %Gallery-180346%

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