Marvel offers over 700 free first issue digital comics, might involve great powers and responsibilities

Marvel offers over 700 free first issue digital comics,

Looking to revise the whys, hows and who's who of the Marvel universe? Well, the movie-spinning comic book company wants to help you out, offering hundreds of first issue editions across the company's entire history. The free digital editions will cover perennial favorites like Spider-Man, the X-Men and Avengers, as well as slightly less mainstream hits and spin-offs. The promotion kicked off yesterday and -- tying in with the company's presence at SXSW -- will run until 11PM ET on Tuesday. The titles can be downloaded through either Marvel's official comics app or its web-based digital comics shop, although it appears US readers are having more luck downloading the digital comics -- we're getting error messages when trying to access it elsewhere. Of course, if you've already signed up to Marvel's Unlimited subscription service, there might not much here to pull you in, but this limited-time offer is unashamedly courting new readers and comic dabblers. If that sounds like you, start hunting down those hundreds of freebies at the source.