Daily iPhone App: Tripcase hits version 3.0

I'm always on the lookout for a new travel app -- I've used TripIt a little bit and I don't mind it, but it hasn't really grabbed me a must-use way just yet. So when TripCase sent word that they'd just hit version 3.0 with a new design and some new features, I decided to give the app a quick look.

What I found, as you can see above, was a really quality, straightforward travel tracking app with a lot of common features done well rather than anything really brand new. Like other travel trackers, you can just email TripCase with your travel plans and the app will automatically build an itinerary for you, and then update you as often as you need it on what's happening where. In addition to travel information, you can also add in items and tasks of your own, grab weather at your departure or destination city, and share plans out with friends or colleagues.

The biggest difference between TripCase and other travel services like it is probably that TripCase is completely, 100% free -- other services often require a subscription fee or extra charges, but TripCase, as far as I can tell, earns its money through referrals and targeted messaging, so you as the customer have to pay nothing at all.

That's pretty nice, and it means that if you've been looking for another travel tracking solution, you can try TripCase out for free. These services are so often just a matter of personal taste and whatever workflow you're used to, and I don't personally see anything in TripCase (other than the price) that stands out as extremely unique. But that's not to say it's not a well-designed, powerful travel app, so if you need one of those, give it a look.