Black Label Neo Geo custom wood mod ups the ante on collector excess

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Joseph Volpe
March 14th, 2013
Black Label Neo Geo custom wood mod ups the ante on collector excess

If you want to relive the glory of owning one of the rarest and most expensive (for its time) consoles in gaming history, you can do that for $130 with the Neo Geo X. Or... or you can recapture that magic and rebuild the system using "one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the entire world." That wood would be Cocobolo and, no, we're not making that last bit up. Analogue Interactive -- the same company that brought you the Neo Geo CMVS Slim -- is introducing a new service today for those (read: collectors) with money to burn, dubbed Black Label.

The service, designed to let consumers craft a new Neo Geo console using a selection of domestic and exotic woods, starts at $1,299 -- that's for a custom setup made with domestic wood. Should you have more champagne tastes, there's a variety of exotic woods on offer, but be prepared to fork over up to an additional $585 for the "privilege." Without a doubt, it's the stuff of an über-collector's wet dreams; the very same stuff that has us scratching our heads and railing against the excesses of the 1-percent. And just in case it was lost on you earlier: a portable and significantly cheaper Neo Geo alternative is readily available.

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