DevJuice: PaintCode offers new Photoshop import IAP

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DevJuice: PaintCode offers new Photoshop import IAP

See the bunny in the screenshot to the right? It started life as a Photoshop shape. As you see it there in the simulator, it's now a UIBezierPath. It got there courtesy of PaintCode.

I first reviewed PaintCode last year. It offers a high-end resolution-independent design tool for transforming vector graphics into Objective-C code. In its latest incarnation, you can now import Photoshop files.

The new feature is a US$19.99 in-app purchase on top of the $99.99 app, but if you'd like a sneak preview, you can download the demo version from the PaintCode website. The demo version is quite limited; you cannot copy code or use the app for more than 20 minutes at a time.

I personally think this is a killer feature. It greatly simplifies the way many people already have a workflow, integrating Photoshop directly into the coding process.

Plus, for design idiots like myself, you can purchase shape libraries for Photoshop and then use those vector graphics in your apps. (I would, however, suggest carefully reading through any license agreements to ensure that what rights you think you're buying are actually the ones you do purchase.)

In addition to plain shapes, PaintCode will also import layer effects like gradients, color overlays, shadows and patterns. This means you can design a complete button in Photoshop and draw it into your app using Objective-C code.

The new upgrade is available now. Choose Store > In-App Purchase Store to get started.

Existing PaintCode owners will be happy to learn that version 1.3 of the app introduces new features in addition to the paid Photoshop upgrade. You can now import SVG, enabling you to import drawings from Adobe Illustrator directly to PaintCode. PaintCode also now integrates images into your drawings, plus it's added groups so you can combine many shapes to a single, more manageable object.

DevJuice PaintCode offers new Photoshop import IAP

Update: TUAW reader Dave Anderson was kind enough to send over a vector DogCow so I could test the new SVG import added in version 1.3. It worked great. Thanks, Dave!

DevJuice PaintCode offers new Photoshop import IAP

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