The Daily Grind: Which game world do you love the best?

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.20.13

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The Daily Grind: Which game world do you love the best?
The Daily Grind Which game world do you love the best
The game world can be a magical, wondrous place, and it can be a mechanical, sterile gaming experience. The difference between the two types is both subtle and clearly apparent for me. I've been in MMOs where the world is just a stage where props have been thrown around to provide a basic, expected setting. I've also been in MMOs where the world honestly comes alive to me through the shared imaginations of myself and the developers.

So I have a simple dare when I log into a game: Make me fall in love with your world. Enchant me. Come alive to me. Be more than a winter zone stitched together with a lava zone, and exude a history and continuity that helps me believe that this could be a place where people actually lived.

Of all of the game worlds you've experienced, which do you love the best and why?

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