BMW integrating more iOS apps into driving experience

Mel Martin
M. Martin|03.27.13

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BMW is moving aggressively to bring the iOS app experience to drivers through its BMW Apps option. Today, the company announced tie-ins with four iOS apps, including Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and TuneIn.

Plug your iOS device into the console USB connection of any BMW Apps-enabled car, and you're cooking. You can also connect through the BMW snap-in adapter if your car is so equipped.

The four app developers are busy making changes needed for complete integration with BMW Apps, and it could take some weeks before the apps are available for download. All of the app controls will appear on the BMW iDrive infotainment screen.

One of the most useful applications is Glympse, which has always been a favorite around here. With the BMW Apps-enabled version of Glympse, location information will be populated with options to share, pause or cancel a Glympse through the iDrive controller and screen. Drivers can opt to send the Glympse to other users via the app using the iPhone contact list, or via Facebook or Twitter.


Audible will provide on-screen controls as well, and BMW customers will access their audiobook library using the iDrive controller and menu display. Rhapsody and TuneIn will also be controllable via iDrive, providing in-car streaming music.

The BMW Apps option is available for model year 2011 and later vehicles. BMW already offers apps for things like remote car locking and unlocking, locating your parked car and finding locations via Google Maps and sending them directly to the car navigation system.

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