Adopt a Spring Rabbit now that Noblegarden is here

Kristin Marshall
K. Marshall|04.02.13

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Adopt a Spring Rabbit now that Noblegarden is here
Adopt a Spring Rabbit now that Noblegarden is here MON

It's that time of year again! Noblegarden has descended upon Azeroth, granting us bunny ears, chocolates, and even a battle pet. Spring Rabbit is purchased with 100 Noblegarden Chocolate, received when opening a Brightly Colored Egg. You can find the eggs scattered about several starting towns -- think Brill, Goldshire, and Kharanos. There's also a small chance to find the Spring Rabbit's Foot inside an egg, and if you don't want to adventure out into the world at all, there's always the auction house!

Spring Rabbit's abilities are mostly Critter type, and are as follows:
Although the Spring Rabbit is learned as an Uncommon battle pet, it has the potential to be a very strong member of your team. It's worth considering the upgrade with a battle-stone, since the breed and moveset makes it one of the best of the rabbit types around.

Take, for example, the generic Rabbit. The moveset is the same, but the Rabbit is available in six different breeds, which could make capturing the ideal rabbit a pain. Spring Rabbit is always breed 5/15, or S/S, which means that its stats are heavily weighted for speed. Flurry and Dodge become super effective.

For the first slot, you have a choice between Scratch or Flurry. Both are decent offensive abilities, but Flurry has the upper hand due to the extra hit gained by Spring Rabbit's high speed.

Choosing between Adrenaline Rush and Dodge all depends on your overall battle strategy. Rabbit battle pets can be annoying opponents due to their defensive abilities like Dodge and Burrow. Spring Rabbit is already very speedy, so Adrenaline Rush may not be necessary, unless battling a speedy opponent. Even so, dodging a full attack is very handy.

Burrow and Stampede are great abilities, but again, the choice depends on your strategy. Burrow is the ideal choice for a defensive strategy, and is another one of those annoying avoidance abilities to go up against. Staggering Burrow and Dodge in between Flurry, as needed, turns Spring Rabbit into a powerful Critter teammate.

If you decide against Burrow, opting for a more aggressive rabbit, Stampede offers a small amount of damage up front and adds a 100% damage taken debuff to your opponent. So, Stampede will end up doing double the damage on the tooltip, and leave the two-round damage taken debuff once the ability has completed. Be sure to take advantage of this with a hard-hitting battle pet afterward.

Do you have a Spring Rabbit already? What are some of your other favorite Critter battle pets?
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