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DevJuice: WebCode premieres, generates JavaScript+Canvas

DevJuice: WebCode premieres, generates JavaScript+Canvas
Erica Sadun
Erica Sadun|@ericasadun|April 4, 2013 9:00 PM

As I've been working on a new book on iOS Quartz Drawing, I've been using PixelCut's PaintCode app pretty heavily. Today, a new PixelCut tool just hit the Mac App Store. WebCode (US$49.99) generates JavaScript+Canvas, CSS+HTML or SVG code on your behalf.

If you've used PaintCode, WebCode will feel immediately familiar. Similar tools and same panes make the new app very much like the original. Instead of generating Objective C, however, you're presented with ready-to use Web source.

The app just debuted, so I have only played with it a little bit. WebCode, I should note, supports Photoshop PSD import as part of its base features -- no in-app purchase needed.

DevJuice WebCode premieres, generates JavaScriptCanvas

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DevJuice: WebCode premieres, generates JavaScript+Canvas