Star Wars: The Old Republic shows off some of the key parts of Makeb

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.04.13

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Star Wars: The Old Republic shows off some of the key parts of Makeb
It looks nice, like Alderaan with fewer insects and feuding nobles.
Players who pre-ordered Rise of the Hutt Cartel early enough are less than a week away from their first taste of Star Wars: The Old Republic's expansion content, and it's only 10 days for everyone else who purchased the expansion. That means it's time to start thinking about what conditions will be like on the surface of Makeb, something addressed in the latest development blog showing off the planet. Narrated by SIS agent Theron Shan, the entry outlines several landmarks and the environments to be expected there.

Several regions of the planet are already under the control of the Hutt Cartel, including a few spots that the Hutts have taken without having much use for at the moment. The capital city is especially fortified, prompting the use of small teams rather than a full strike force. But there are a few spots where the Republic can make an approach, spots players will doubtlessly be exploring as soon as the expansion launches and everyone can rush to the new planet.
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