PSA: T-Mobile's iPhone 5 pre-orders start rolling today

PSA TMobile iPhone 5 preorders start rolling today

If T-Mobile's recent event cussed you into wanting one of its tweaked A1428 iPhone 5s with LTE, AWS HSPA+ and no contract strings attached, you can now order one up. Apple's flagship can be had through the carrier for $99 down and 24 payments of $20 for a total of $579 -- a snappy $70 savings over buying one directly from Cupertino. Meanwhile, T-Mo's Simple Choice plan starts at $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data, with an additional 2GB for $10 and unlimited 4G data for $20. Just remember that should you opt into an iPhone 5 through T-Mobile then decide to opt out of your contract, the device will stay carrier locked until you pay it off or trade it back -- unless you're willing to skirt the law, of course. Hit the source to make your reservation.