Flickr Find: Transferring games from iPad to Apple II

Flickr Find Transferring games from iPad to Apple II

This is a little on the old side, circa late 2011, but it's still incredibly cool. Reader Ken Fager posted a photo of an iPad being used to download games from the Apple Game Server Online onto an Apple //e. Fager explains what's happening in the photo above by saying, "The iPad is connected to the audio input of the Apple //e. Turn the Apple //e on and press CONTROL+RESET. At the prompt type LOAD and press Return. On the iPad select the game audio file and press play. The game will automatically transfer and start on the Apple II."

There are a ton of games available for the vintage Apple computers on Apple Game Server Online, including such classics as Choplifter, Centipede, Defender, Galaxian, Mario Bros. and the ever-popular Ms. Pac-Man. Using an iPad to serve up those games to the Apple //e ties the current generation of Apple chic with the classic computer of the past.

Photo by, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0