Space explorer Starbound reaches $400,000 in pre-orders

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Starbound, a "story within a sandbox" game that has players traversing the universe to explore and complete quests, recently began taking pre-orders. As of this writing, developer Chucklefish hauled in $409,907 in its crowdfunding initiative. While the developer opted to use its official site instead of services such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo to host its tiered funding campaign, it still set stretch goals for the project. A new "novakid" race will be included in the game should pre-orders reach $500,000.

The game promises an endless number of procedurally-generated planets that encourage exploration from players. Starbound's site notes that much like a point-and-click adventure game, players can examine and catalog every item on the varying planets. Additionally, Starbound will feature cooperative and competitive multiplayer options.

Chucklefish was one of ten developers that earned a free Ouya dev kit in December 2012, though the game's site notes that Starbound only supports Windows, Mac and Linux at this time. Backers will receive a Steam key for the game when it launches sometime in 2013.

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