Google readies Chrome OS for all comers at the kiosk

If you've yet to lay your hands on a Chromebook or Chromebox, that could change shortly, as the computers may soon find a new life in libraries, hotels, retail stores and even the break room. Today, Google announced an update to its management console for Chrome OS that allows for Managed Public Sessions -- in other words, a kiosk mode. Central to the idea, users will be able to login to the computer without supplying credentials, and their data will be automatically cleared at the end of the session. The setup has plenty of appeal for system administrators, too, as they'll find the ability to set the default web page, block access to specific sites and apps, configure device I/O operation and manage timed logouts. Google has tested Managed Public Sessions with Dillards, The Hyatt in San Francisco and the Multnomah County Library in Oregon. If anything, it's a good reason to keep a keen watch on your surroundings... you might just spot a Chromebook in the wild that's begging for some attention.