Minecraft Pocket Edition hits 10 million downloads

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|05.04.13

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Minecraft Pocket Edition hits 10 million downloads

Mojang has announced that the Pocket Edition of its extremely popular sandbox game Minecraft has also reached 10 million downloads, a feat made even more impressive by the fact that the app is being sold for a premium price of $6.99. The original PC version of Minecraft hit 10 million sales back on April 4, but the Pocket Edition was released later, which means it's hit this milestone total much faster.

The Pocket Edition started out as a slimmer version of Minecraft meant solely for mobile devices, but with a constant flow of updates, it's improved to the point where it almost matches the PC version feature for feature. And Mojang isn't done with it either. Producer Daniel Kaplan says the backend is being updated, to make future iterations even easier to deliver.

That's a huge success story, not just on iOS, but even within the scope of this gigantic game in general. Given this growth, we'll have to see if Minecraft's mobile version might even overtake the PC original before all is said and done.

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