Toshiba to launch TVs with DivX Plus Streaming certification

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|05.08.13

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Toshiba to launch TVs with DivX Plus Streaming certification

Just in case you didn't have enough content options from the likes of Roku and your cable set top box, Toshiba has partnered with Rovi to integrate the DivX Plus Streaming codec into a new line of TVs. The streaming format promises enhanced multimedia controls like multi-language subtitles, resumable playback across devices and Dynamic Resolution Scaling, which should be good for those with fluctuating bandwidth. However, there aren't that many services behind the format just yet, though Knowhow Movies by Dixons Retail in the UK has pledged its support. Still, one can never have enough ways to entertain the kids.

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Toshiba and Rovi Team to Launch World's First TVs Certified for DivX Plus Streaming
Will Enable the Advanced Adaptive Streaming of Premium Entertainment from Digital Storefronts and Service Providers

London, UK, May 7, 2013 embargoed until 1:30pm BST - Rovi Corporation (NASDAQ: ROVI), driving digital entertainment innovation, today announced that Toshiba Corporation is launching a range of DTVs Certified for DivX Plus Streaming™. The latest agreement will help increase the reach of Rovi's advanced adaptive streaming format and enable Toshiba DTVs to support high-quality entertainment services from over-the-top providers such as KNOWHOW Movies by Dixons Retail in the UK.

DivX Plus Streaming brings a cutting-edge feature set to streaming media that is typically characteristic of the Blu-ray Disc consumer experience such as multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, trick-play track for smooth fast forward and rewind, chapter points for quick scene navigation, and resume playback across devices. In addition, to help eliminate buffering or the "spinning wheel", DivX Plus Streaming includes Dynamic Resolution Scaling. Providing smooth and seamless transitions between different resolutions, Dynamic Resolution Scaling helps ensure consumers enjoy quick start times and continuous play even in low or fluctuating bandwidth environments.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship with Rovi and integrate DivX Plus Streaming to add to the high-quality viewing experiences that we offer," said Takahiro Uchida, Deputy Senior Manager, TV Products Dept., Products Management Div., Toshiba Corporation Digital Products & Services Company. "By integrating services such as KNOWHOW Movies with DivX Plus Streaming and enabling entertainment experiences that are flexible, convenient, and feature rich, we are providing even greater value to our customers."

KNOWHOW movies is powered by Rovi Entertainment Store, a technology solution that includes white-label storefront and playback client SDKs, cloud services, as well as content licensing, management, and marketing services. Rovi Entertainment Store, which is helping a range of retailers, service providers, CE manufacturers, content owners, and PC OEMs to drive revenue from over-the-top (OTT) storefronts and cloud-based entertainment, has adopted DivX Plus Streaming as its preferred method of content delivery.
DivX Plus Streaming has been approved by studios and adopted by companies helping fuel over-the-top entertainment distribution. The advanced adaptive streaming format has gained the support of IC vendors including Broadcom, MediaTek, and MStar, and has been selected to power video delivery for UK-based Dixons Retail's KNOWHOW Movies, German retailer Media Markt's Videodownloadshop, and Mei-Ah and China Mobile powered services that provides 4G LTE and 3G service subscribers instant access on their Android mobile devices to on-demand, catch-up TV. The DivX® DRM (digital rights management) solution, as used with DivX Plus Streaming, was also recently approved by the DECE (Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem consortium) for use in the UltraViolet ecosystem.

"Our collaboration with Toshiba results in new products for consumers that provide optimized, high-quality playback of streaming entertainment in the living room," said Simon Adams, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Consumer Electronics, Rovi Corporation. "This product launch extends our long-standing relationship with Toshiba and adds to the growing industry support we are receiving for DivX Plus Streaming."

Toshiba's DTVs Certified for DivX Plus Streaming with KNOWHOW Movies is expected to be available to consumers later this quarter in the UK.

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