Instrument's Map Diving for Chrome: like a Google I/O keynote, minus Sergey (video)

Let's be honest: it's doubtful we'll ever get to directly recreate the skydiving antics of Google I/O 2012's opening keynote. Some of us on the I/O 2013 floor, however, could get the next best thing. As part of a Google Maps API showcase, Portland-based Instrument has developed a Map Diving game for Chrome that has players soaring over real locations to reach Pilotwings-style checkpoints. The version that will be at the event links seven instances of Google's web browser, each with its own display; gamers fly by holding out their arms in front of a motion camera like the Kinect or Wavi Xtion. Sergey Brin probably won't be waiting for anyone on the ground once the demo's over, but Instrument hints in a developer video (after the break) that there could be a take-home version of Map Diving after the code is tuned for a single screen. Either way, we can't wait to give it a spin.