Precursor reveals 'Shadow of the Eternals' soundtrack tune, CEO defends Dyack

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Precursor reveals 'Shadow of the Eternals' soundtrack tune, CEO defends Dyack

Composer Giancarlo Feltrin has revealed the first musical tune he's created for Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem that's currently seeking funding. The song is called "Bathory's Theme," after Erzébet Bathory, an infamous female serial killer who will be part of the game's pilot episode.

Precursor Games' CEO Paul Caporicci has posted his own update on the title's development, focusing a portion of his note on the selection of Denis Dyack as creative lead. "Denis Dyack was my first choice for Creative, as he has a keen understanding on the creative aspects of game development," says Caporicci. "It saddens me to read that people's impressions of him are painted by anonymous accounts of other individuals."

At Silicon Knights, Dyack oversaw the original cult-hit Eternal Darkness, before launching less successful games like Too Human and X-Men: Destiny. Ultimately, legal issues with Epic would seal the fate for Dyack's development house.

Fans have asked about Nintendo's involvement, and Caporicci says that Nintendo has "been very supportive of our endeavour" so far. The game is being built in CryENGINE for the PC, but shouldn't have "substantial differences" when ported to the Wii U.
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