The Loop launches a new magazine on iOS Newsstand

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The Loop launches a new magazine on iOS Newsstand

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop unveiled a new iOS magazine that'll complement the short news briefs found on his website. Inspired in part by Marco Arment's The Magazine, The Loop magazine will feature long-form articles on music, design, technology, games and Apple from some of the best writers in the business.

The Loop Magazine will be published twice a month and will be distributed through Apple's Newsstand. It'll cost US$1.99 a month and will be delivered automatically to your device when a new issue is released. Dalrymple will feature some of the content on his website, but the main avenue of reading will be your iPad or iPhone.

You can read more about The Loop Magazine in Dalrymple's announcement post and in the section of his website that is dedicated to the magazine. Production for The Loop magazine will be done with TypeEngine, a publishing platform that expects to deliver 16 new titles this month.

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