Skobbler updates Android app with turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps, offers free light option

Skobbler has had some success in the mobile mapping market, thanks in part to iOS's historical first-party weakness in the area. But, with Apple offering its own solution and Google breaking Maps free from the OS-update chains, it's facing a more difficult landscape in which to make its mark. So it only makes sense to beef up its offerings on other platforms, and Google-fans are reaping the benefits. An update to Skobbler's Android app is finally adding the turn-by-turn directions and offline maps, which have been offered on the iOS edition for sometime. The full version has a starting price of just $1 (with one free map download), and the company is even offering a free light version for those who aren't sure they want to part ways with a Washington (or a Sacagawea) just yet.

Interestingly, the update is actually an entirely new app called GPS Navigation & Maps +offline, though existing users of ForeverMap 2 will be able to upgrade for free. Navigation & Maps also makes the move to OpenStreetMap to provide data, which has both its problems and its perks. Going open source means that Skobbler can undercut competitors like TomTom and Navigon, but there are lingering questions about the accuracy of the database. You'll find both the full version and the 14-day trial light edition at the source links if you're looking for an alternative to Google Maps.%Gallery-188647%

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'GPS Navigation & Maps' Sets Out to Redefine Maps on Mobile - Unique Combination of Turn-By-Turn Navigation & Travel Maps Online & Offline

skobbler Introduces Hybrid Turn-by-Turn Navigation to Android Version of Popular Mapping Service ForeverMap 2; Unique New Product Setup Makes it a True Alternative to Google Maps

NEW YORK, NY (May 16, 2013) – skobbler (, the premier provider and leading innovator of mobile map-based solutions using OpenStreetMap data, today announced the debut of an updated Android version of its hit mapping solution, ForeverMap 2, adding online-offline capable turn-by-turn navigation and live voice guidance-without an additional cost or an expensive monthly subscription fee-to the service and delivering a unique new alternative to the primary mapping and navigation platform on Android devices, Google Maps.

To reflect the added functionality, ForeverMap 2 on Android will now be called GPS Navigation & Maps. The update combines the one-of-a-kind map features users love from ForeverMap 2, with skobbler's GPS Navigation 2, the internationally renowned mobile navigation solution with over 3.5 million users on iOS alone, while enhancing aspects of both to create a standalone, next-generation orientation solution. GPS Navigation & Maps also adheres to the hallmark affordability of skobbler's ForeverMap 2 and GPS Navigation 2. Existing users of ForeverMap 2 will receive a free upgrade to GPS Navigation & Maps, while new users can either purchase the full app for just $1.00 USD, or try out the free version of GPS Navigation & Maps with unlimited online functionality and a 14-day navigation trial. GPS Navigation & Maps offers premium technology at an unbeatable price and is a best-of-both worlds approach-a mapping and navigation marriage of two of the top orientation solutions on the market.

"By adding voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation to what was previously a maps only experience, we've not only evolved ForeverMap 2, we've also fundamentally transformed the orientation landscape on Android," said Philipp Kandal, Co-Founder of skobbler. "While Google holds dominion over this ecosystem, with GPS Navigation & Maps, we're providing a service that attacks their grip on the marketplace through affordability, standout features that Google Maps doesn't have, such as full offline functionality, major enhancements throughout the year, and, of course, some of the most advanced mapping technology in the world today. Add in the OpenStreetMap integration, with its unique crowdsourced nature and constantly evolving map detail, and we're delivering one of the best offerings today."

Powered entirely by data from the OpenStreetMap-a free and editable map of the world built by over 1 million voluntary contributors and map enthusiasts using data from satellites, GPS logs, local knowledge, and other sources of geographic information-GPS Navigation & Maps is now the only mapping and navigation solution on Android that delivers true "hybrid" functionality, allowing users to switch between online or optional offline access through in-app purchases of downloadable maps. Offline access allows for fast and reliable results using only a device's GPS receiver rather than a network connection, providing a flexible mapping and navigation service without the constraints of cellular carriers and excessive data fees. The offline functionality is also unlimited upon purchase of downloadable maps, meaning turn-by-turn navigation, routing and various search capabilities are provided in full without a data connection. The offline capabilities are not at all diluted and are made possible by skobbler's proprietary map technology, which is arguably the most advanced and versatile in the world.

This degree of functionality is noticeably absent from Android's current orientation solutions, including Google Maps, the most popular mapping and navigation product available. While Google Maps can be used in full online, it only offers very limited offline functionality, lacking navigation, as well as even basic search and routing components, when without an Internet connection. Also, most premium navigation services, providing turn-by-turn car navigation with voice guidance, charge steep monthly subscription fees or initial one-time costs. GPS Navigation & Maps offers full offline capabilities-mapping and navigation-in a budget-friendly package, resolving market weaknesses and making it the perfect companion for on-the-go Android owners. Whether you're trying to find directions to the nearest coffee shop or are headed overseas, GPS Navigation & Maps delivers worldwide map data to your disposal-anytime, anywhere.

Users can download GPS Navigation & Maps for a one-time payment-with one free offline map included, normally $2.22 USD, and free map updates are provided for life-of just $1.00 USD. The value here simply cannot be matched as other turn-by-turn navigation services delivering voice guidance and premium features, can cost between 5 and 100 times the price of GPS Navigation & Maps upon download, before even adding a monthly charge. Users also have the option to install downloadable map upgrades for offline use, such as city ($0.99), state ($1.11), country ($2.22) and continent ($4.44) maps, or they can purchase a worldwide map ($7.77), which includes access to all available in-app map upgrades. Each purchase is a one-time payment, no subscriptions required-ever, making it a top value on Android. Existing users of ForeverMap 2 will receive a free upgrade to GPS Navigation & Maps. New users can either purchase the full app or try out GPS Navigation & Maps' free app with unlimited online functionality and a 14-day navigation trial. To download the full version of GPS Navigation & Maps via Google Play, Android owners, go to: For the free version with unlimited online functionality and a 14-day navigation trial, go to:

In addition to its standout online and offline "hybrid" functionality, by using OpenStreetMap data, the most detailed digital map available in several countries (e.g. England, Germany), GPS Navigation & Maps provides hyperlocal information beyond the street level, delivering more than just car navigation, and making it particularly useful for outdoor activities, such as bicycling, hiking and camping. Additionally, intuitive, fast-loading map interactions, cutting-edge visuals, and a user interface that quickly adapts to your needs through use of multiple map styles (e.g. for outdoor activities), are powered by skobbler NGx, the company's one-of-a-kind advanced map engine and arguably the most innovative mapping technology on the planet. NGx makes the service easy to use on any Android device, whether smartphone or tablet, or in any setting, anywhere in the world.

NGx is core to skobbler's suite of services and is especially important in the new GPS Navigation & Maps, delivering ultra-smooth map and navigation flexibility, which is critical to any navigation-enabled service.

"We're thrilled to see our new map engine skobbler NGx live in one of our own Android apps," said Kandal. "This engine makes it possible for us to offer one of the best mapping and navigation services on Android, bar none. From the visuals to the online-offline performance capabilities, this is a game-changer for Android owners and will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to the offline-less, Google Maps, and the over-priced turn-by-turn navigations apps on Google Play. We're excited about the potential here."

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Founded in 2008, Berlin-based skobbler ( is one of the premier players in mobile location-aware services. With over 3 million customers on iOS alone, skobbler has regularly topped overall and category app charts in more than 20 countries, leading the way in the development of location technology and end consumer products based on the OpenStreetMap. This experience also facilitates skobbler's development projects for third parties. Based on the skobbler GeOS map access technology, which is based on the world's most advanced map engine skobbler NGx, companies can base their location-aware web or mobile services on the OpenStreetMap.