Madden 25 Anniversary Edition includes NFL Sunday Ticket, exclusive to Amazon

DNP  Madden 25 Anniversary Edition bundles NFL Sunday Ticket, up for preorder exclusively at Amazon

Virtual football enthusiasts excited for Madden 25 (it's technically Madden 2014) may want to head over to Amazon if they're serious about watching actual NFL games. The online retailer has an exclusive 25th Anniversary Edition of the game up for pre-order, which comes bundled with a 17-week pass for both Madden Ultimate Team cards and NFL Sunday Ticket for computer and mobile. On top of getting all the 2013 regular season's out-of-market matches, DirecTV subscribers can snag a $10-a-month discount on the TV version (normally $225) for one year with a pro bono MAX upgrade. Joystiq notes that only 100,000 copies are up for grabs, split evenly between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. All it takes to get in on the action starting August 27th is $100 -- $40 more than the standard edition, which can net you up to $400 in total savings on the services. Hit up the source link if you're ready to secure your copy.