EA, Spicy Horse to settle on Alice rights (or not) by July

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|05.29.13

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EA, Spicy Horse to settle on Alice rights (or not) by July
Alice Otherworlds rights will be settled or not with EA by July
Spicy Horse's negotiations with EA for the rights to the Alice franchise – and production of Alice: Otherworlds – continue, with the proceedings now expected to conclude in some fashion by July.

"It still comes back to our negotiations with Electronic Arts for a licensing agreement to produce a new Alice title," the company said in a newsletter, speaking on whether it would produce Alice: Otherworlds or OZombie first. "Should we reach an agreement, then come July, it's full steam ahead on a Kickstarter for Alice. If we cannot, to Oz with Dorothy we shall go."

Either way, Spicy Horse's next project will be funded through a Kickstarter in July, though the developer won't be announcing which project is actually going forward until the campaign launches.

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