Dispatch and Boxer aim to be your email apps of choice on iOS

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Edgar Alvarez
June 6, 2013 3:29 AM
Dispatch and Boxer aim to be your email apps of choice on iOS

Even though we have the likes of Sparrow and Mailbox already competing to be the one to handle email duties on your iOS device, chances are a couple more options wouldn't be frowned upon. Here's where the rebranded Boxer and newcomer Dispatch come in. The former, which was previously known as Taskbox, is an app that thrives largely on a swipe-based UI, while the latter describes itself as an "action-based" client that gives you quick access to a vast set of commands (delete, favorite, ignore, etc.). Where Dispatch hopes to stand out from the pack, however, is by making email accounts friendly with things like Evernote, Reminders, Calendar and others, which will then allow you to easily add items such as tasks, notes and scheduled events to those apps.

Boxer, on the other hand, touts a built-in to-do list feature and integration with Dropbox, as well as support for a slew of providers -- including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Exchange and, with the latest update, Outlook. The Dispatch and Boxer applications are $2.99 (for a limited time) and $4.99, respectively, though Boxer is making its own app a gratis download for the first 100,000 folks who manage to grab it. Interested in either one? Well then, it's a good thing we have both links to the App Store down below -- take your pick.

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