FitStar launches first app with NFL star Tony Gonzalez, creates customized exercise videos on the fly

Exercise apps are a dime a dozen and the fitness training video market is even more saturated. New comer FitStar sees an opportunity to blend the two forms with an application platform that's part video CMS, with a special twist. The first app being offered, FitStar: Tony Gonzalez, creates a customized workout routine on your iPad, pieced together from 80 different exercises that the star tight end guides you through. The end product isn't terribly dissimilar from your average workout DVD, but the route it takes to get there is dramatically different. When you first launch the app you'll be asked to create an account and fill out some basic information about yourself including your level of fitness. A brief assessment program helps establish a baseline, then a routine is generated dynamically just for you using special algorithms. In fact, every time you fire it up, a new routine is created to keep you from getting bored with a repetitive workout plan.


The app relies primarily on manual feedback from you, so lying about how many push-ups you did or how much you struggled will only result in a less accurately tailored session your next time around. But, if you answer honestly, FitStar will be able to really fine tune a routine for you -- if you've got strong lats the app will push you a little further during back exercises, or if you're looking to build up your quads may ask you to do more squats. The FitStar platform is capable of importing data from fitness products like heart rate monitors and smart scales, offering a surprising amount of flexibility. And future apps may even integrate with activity services like Up or Fitbit.

While the Tony Gonzalez app is the big news today, what makes the offering interesting is the promise of future expandability. New content can easily be added without the need to go through Apple's approval process, since the clips are pulled from a central online database. And CEO Mike Maser insinuated that expansion packs could be in the pipeline that would add weight training or yoga to the primarily body weight-based moves included at launch. Of course, there are social features for sharing words of encouragement and activities with friends. And, since FitStar is a platform and not just a standalone app, your connections will transfer automatically to new titles down the road. FitStar: Tony Gonzalez is free to download, though, you'll need to pay for a subscription to unlock some premium features. Is it really like having a digital personal trainer? Not quite. But, it certainly gets closer to that goal than other apps.

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June 6, 2013 – FitStar, a next-generation fitness company dedicated to blending the power of iPad and immersive health and fitness content, has released its first app, FitStar: Tony Gonzalez exclusively on the App Store.

FitStar's debut video-based fitness app features National Football League (NFL) superstar and future Hall-of-Famer Tony Gonzalez in an interactive and adaptive workout system that acts as a personal trainer. With a customizable program allowing people to progress at their own rate, FitStar provides a wide range of exercises and goals-based programs at launch and will continue to add routines and additional content over time.

"It's our mission to create fitness apps inspired by true fitness experts," said Mike Maser, CEO, FitStar. "Tony and FitStar share the same vision of making fitness and wellness more accessible, appealing and inspiring to a broad audience, and teaming up with Tony on FitStar: Tony Gonzalez, for our first fitness app, was a natural fit. We look forward to evolving our platform and adding support for additional mobile devices with feedback from everyone who uses FitStar." FitStar: Tony Gonzalez leads users through an initial fitness test that creates a personalized program with advice for overall conditioning, weight loss and nutrition. The adaptive nature of the app's tailored fitness programs mean that it's perfectly suited to people just starting a fitness lifestyle or those already in shape but looking to take themselves to the next level. FitStar: Tony Gonzalez caters to a mobile, on-the-go lifestyle with workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere as it requires little to no equipment by focusing on a range of dynamic exercises that use body weight. The app is built on the FitStar platform that enables rapid addition of new content, connects with fitness tracking devices and streaming media services and is cloud-enabled to allow people to connect with friends, share achievements and track progress.

"Health is my personal passion and I worked closely with FitStar to put together a highly effective yet totally customizable program from my personal exercise routines and nutrition habits," said Tony Gonzalez. "The great thing about FitStar is that it's designed for everyone and everywhere: from beginners to fitness experts, on the road or at home. The ability to have a real impact on people's well-being is an incredible honor."

Returning for his 17th NFL season, Tony Gonzalez is known as a fitness guru whose fitness lifestylehas helped him maintain a high level of athletic excellence over the last few years of his career.

FitStar: Tony Gonzalez is the first product from FitStar, underscoring the company's mission to inspire people to live healthier lives by creating innovative health and fitness apps.

FitStar is backed by a list of high profile technology, entertainment and sports leaders including Google Ventures, Advancit Capital, the venture capital firm launched by Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation vice chairman Shari Redstone, and FLOODGATE Fund, a leading business and technology investment firm managed by tech pioneer Mike Maples, Jr.

The FitStar: Tony Gonzalez App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at

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About FitStar

FitStar Labs, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco. The company's mission is to build a digital health and fitness platform to inspire people to live healthier lives. Founded in 2012, the company is backed by several prominent angels and venture investors including Google Ventures, Advancit Capital, FLOODGATE Fund, Founder Collective, MESA+, Neil Young and Bob Stevenson's LLL Capital, Ronnie Lott and Ed Zander