Preva Mobile for iOS aims to track your workouts, keep you going to the gym

Dragging yourself to the gym in the wee hours of the morning already takes a heaping helping of dedication, but fitness equipment manufacturer Precor is betting that it can provide additional motivation with its new iOS app: Preva Mobile. By wielding the software, users can monitor and set goals for calories burned, distance and duration, and even log their actions outside the gym for activities ranging from rollerblading to skiing. What's more is that the application acts as an extension of the firm's Preva fitness tracking console built into its 880 line of cardio equipment, and keeps data synced between devices and exercise machines through the cloud.

In addition to helping folks keep tabs on their activity, the digital logbook rewards users with points and badges, which they can brag about share on Twitter and Facebook. There's no sign of an Android version just yet, but we doubt your personal trainer will buy that as an excuse to stray from your workout regimen.

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New Precor® "Preva® Mobile" App Motivates Exercisers to Meet Fitness Goals Both In and Outside the Gym

Take your fitness journey beyond the Preva enabled 880 Line of cardio equipment to reach goals anywhere

Woodinville, WA - April 22, 2013 - Precor®, a leading home and commercial fitness equipment manufacturer, today announced the availability of Preva® Mobile, a free iOS application available in the iTunes store. Preva Mobile is the perfect companion for enthusiasts looking to set and reach goals in their fitness journey. Whether using the Preva enabled 880 Line of Precor cardio equipment or wanting to track a variety of other activities such as cycling, strength training, running and more, Preva Mobile allows users to create a comprehensive log of activities, stay on top of goals and keep motivated. It is the first and only app to reward users with achievement badges for reaching workout milestones.

"The Preva reward system is proven to keep exercisers tuned in to their fitness goals," said Brent Brooks, Precor Vice President of Networked Fitness. "It goes beyond simple numbers tracking to provide meaningful guidance and motivation when exercisers need it most. Preva Mobile extends this same encouragement system to members away from the gym, making it a powerful tool for operators to drive up retention."

Preva Mobile is the latest enhancement to Preva, the market's most widely deployed networked fitness solution for facility operators. It extends the reach of Preva Personal Accounts beyond Precor 880 cardio equipment, and syncs all data in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access. With the app, exercisers can log activities for points, set goals, achieve badge rewards, and monitor their overall progress on a daily, weekly or lifetime basis – all through the same elegant user interface Precor is known for on their 880 cardio equipment.

•Setting Goals – It is easy to get started with Preva Mobile and start working toward your fitness goals. Simply create an account, set a weekly objective for number of workout days and an associated goal for calories, distance or duration. Exercisers that set goals with Preva are proven to work out on average one day more per week than those that don't.

•Logging Activities – Regardless of the equipment or activity, Preva Mobile allows users to quickly and easily input any activity via the "activity panel" which includes four categories: Cardio Equipment, Sports & Fitness, Strength Equipment and Body Weight Exercises. Select from expansive drop down menus that feature activities such as elliptical, swimming, hiking and more. If you're already on a Preva enabled cardio machine, simply login, or if on Precor Discovery strength equipment, scan the QR code to instantly log the activity. Don't lose a single workout while on your fitness journey.

•Tracking Results – The intuitive interface and fitness compass allow Preva Mobile users to instantly visualize progress against predefined goals. Data is stored in the cloud, so individuals can access information in real-time from anywhere in the world.

•Achieving Rewards – Built on the principles of gamification, Preva Mobile keeps exercisers motivated with badge achievements. Fun and educational, these one-of-a-
kind badges keep users engaged with their fitness goals, and achievements can be shared on leading social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Gain badges such as "Golden Gate," rewarded for burning 232 calories, the average equivalent of walking from one side of the Golden Gate Bridge to the other.

•Music and More – Preva Mobile is designed to enhance the entire fitness experience. It allows users to import music play lists and save favorite workouts.

For operators, Preva Mobile deepens member relationships by providing a mobile platform for managing all fitness activities, not just those on Preva enabled equipment or inside the gym.

"Operators are eager to capitalize on networked fitness and differentiate themselves by offering customers tools that motivate them to reach goals," added Brooks. "Preva Mobile is the glue that gyms need to tie together the facility experience with the rest of a person's fitness journey. Exercisers are guided toward success from anywhere."