Sony's PlayStation 4 Eye is a $59 add-on, PS4 packs an upgradable 500GB HDD inside (updated)

Sony's PlayStation 4 Eye is a $59 addon, PS4 packs a 500GB HDD inside

While the US press release for the PlayStation 4 mentioned details about games, used games and pricing, it did not confirm all of the specs for the console. In Japan however, a more detailed press release clears up a few things. Sony's console is packing a 500GB hard drive (same as the Xbox One), and it will not include the camera module, which is a $59 (£44 and €49) add-on for the $399 box. By comparison, the Xbox One includes -- and requires for its use -- the Kinect 2.0 camera. (Update: Sony's confirmed that the PS4's hard drive is upgradable.)

A Best Buy listing confirms the PlayStation 4 Eye's add-on status and pricing, and that an extra DualShock 4 controller will also go for $59. We've double checked with Sony and confirmed that the system comes with a controller and mono earpiece plus HDMI, USB and power cords -- but no camera.

The spec sheet also confirms the system's dimensions at 275 x 53 x 305mm (excluding the largest projection), its ports (HDMI and optical out, 2 USB 3.0 in and 1 AUX in for use with the camera) and that a single ear mono headset is packed in with the system. That controller weighs in at 210g, includes a 1000mAh battery and one other detail some may have missed -- a built-in mono speaker. There are details specs for the camera too, which is capable of a maximum 1280 x 800 (x2) pixel capture at 60fps, 640 x 400 at 120fps, or 320 x 192 at 240fps. It has an 85 degree FOV and a 2 meter cable to connect to the system. Want to do more digging into the specs and learn about the design of the PS4? Check out the PDF linked below.

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Sony's PlayStation 4 Eye is a $59 addon, PS4 packs a 500GB HDD inside