Nintendo 3DS update adds save backups, new StreetPass game store

If the madness of E3 (and the promise of some big titles) has recently pulled you back to Nintendo's handheld, you might be greeted with a firmware update next time you open up that well-worn 3DS. Aside from improved stability and bug fixes, there's new save data backup feature which will hold on to save files for your downloaded 3DS titles as well as Virtual Console games. Appearing already in Europe, version 6.0.0-11 also bundles in a new shop for the Mii Plaza, with StreetPass Squad, StreetPass Garden, StreetPass Battle, StreetPass Mansion all priced at 5 euros, or 15 euros for the whole set. No word on yet on when the update will arrive on the other side of the Atlantic, but given past form, we'd expect it to arrive some time this month.