Review of WoW TD 2 for StarCraft II Arcade

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Robin Torres
June 20, 2013 9:00 AM
Review of WoW TD 2 for StarCraft II Arcade
WoW TD 2 is a tower defense map for StarCraft II Arcade. Designed by player PinkyBlue, it is playable even if you only have the StarCraft II Starter Edition, which is free. An interview with the designer can be found on the StarCraft II blog.

There are two difficulties to choose from for WoW TD 2: normal and hardcore. You can play the game cooperatively or by yourself. When you first enter the game, you choose the difficulty and what your tower builder is going to be. They range from a basic energy builder with no benefits up to an ArchAngel that can attack enemies as well as build units.

Most of the "towers" in the game are WoW-related units. Night Elf Archers, Orc Warriors, Goblin rogues are a few of your choices. The Night Elves are females that even have their bouncy idle animation.

When the game begins, a path is made which often loops back upon itself and leads up to your ship which is in the center of the map and is the main thing you are protecting. The mobs will follow this path until they reach the center. Each wave of monsters consists of ever-increasingly powerful World of Warcraft creatures starting from boars and moving all the way up to Deathwing.
Review of WoW TD 2 for StarCraft II Arcade
The gameplay is simple. Place towers in locations likely to do the most damage against the waves of mobs and protect your ship. You get minerals from each kill which allow you to build more towers. There are also mandatory minigames interspersed between waves in which you can gain more minerals.

WoW TD 2 is a fun, simple tower defense game, but it's not very pretty, the instructions are obviously from someone for whom English is not the first language, and the minigames are a bit annoying. When I say it's not very pretty, I mean it is set in a place that looks like old school Desolace and the ship you are protecting is just a small ship in a puddle. But regardless of its drawbacks, it is a pleasant diversion for a handful of playthroughs.
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Review of WoW TD 2 for StarCraft II Arcade