iPhone apps need to make $47K to reach the top 10 paid apps chart

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iPhone apps need to make $47K to reach the top 10 paid apps chart

Distimo, a source for online app analytics, has released their June report covering the month of May. This time, they take a look at what exactly it takes for an app to make it to the top chart positions in different app stores. The research report provided to TUAW Friday showed that to reach the top 10 paid apps on the iOS store, an app needs 4,000 downloads per day, while earning a spot on the top grossing charts needs $47,000 per day.

The amount of profit an app needs to bring in to stay in the top 50 paid apps differs greatly, with apps ranked around the number 50 spot averaging $12,000 a day. To earn a spot on the top 10 free downloads chart, apps averaged 72,000 downloads per day on iOS, while apps in the top 50 only required 23,000 downloads each day during May.

Of course there are more factors than just strong sales numbers to make it to the top of the charts; sometimes it's just a matter of a slow downloading day. The study found that Thursday was the easiest day to reach the top of the charts because it's the slowest day for downloads on the app store. Saturdays were the hardest, presumably because people tend to use the weekend downtime to check out new apps.

The company's May report looked at the difference in revenue between Google Play and the iTunes stores. You can find our reporting on those numbers here.

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