Boston University sues Apple over chip technology patent

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We usually associate Boston University with brain studies and bat-chasing UAVs; we'll have to add technology patent lawsuits to the list. Following similar claims versus the likes of Amazon and Samsung, the university has sued Apple for allegedly infringing on a 1997 patent for making gallium nitride thin films used in semiconductors. The university wants both financial compensation (likely the real objective) and a ban on US sales of the purportedly offending iPad, iPhone 5 and MacBook Air. Neither side is commenting on the case, although we suspect that it will end with a whimper, not a bang. Like many big tech firms, Apple tends to fight patent lawsuits when it expects to win, and settle out of court when it doesn't. We'd add that the patent expires in 2015 -- a Boston University victory would have relatively little effect on Apple's future.

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