Redbox Instant app for Android updated to work on rooted devices

When Redbox Instant's mobile apps launched earlier this year some users noticed that it refused to work on rooted Android hardware. Now a new update, noted in the log as "changed the way we handle rooted devices," is allowing playback no matter what your superuser status is. Many other premium video apps (but not Netflix, for example) have similar blocks on rooted / jailbroken mobile hardware, although users can usually work around them. Still, it's annoying and mostly unnecessary especially since the block is so easily overcome, so it's good to see Redbox making the change. The ban on rooted hardware and its limited library of subscription streaming content -- although it does throw in the convenience of kiosk rental credits -- have been the source of a large number of negative reviews for the app, hopefully with one looming issue out of the way the other will be addressed shortly.