Workaround brings Netflix to more (rooted) Android users

We've already had some success getting Netflix for Android up and running on an officially unsupported phone (a Droid X), but those not able to get it to work simply by transferring and installing the .APK now have another option. As some folks on XDA and Reddit have discovered, you can apparently just edit a few system settings to make your phone (or Nook Color, for that matter) think it's actually an HTC G2, which is apparently all it takes to satisfy the Netflix app. It doesn't work with every phone, of course, but quite a few seem to have had success with it. Unfortunately for some, you'll also need to first root your phone in order to make those changes, but the steps are fairly simple once you've done that. Hit up the links below for all the details, and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below. Just remember: when in doubt, back up.