Twitter updates apps with direct message syncing and improved search results

Remember that raucous applause that occurred when the WWDC crowd was told that Notification Center clearings would be synced across devices in iOS 7? If you listen carefully, you'll hear something similar happening today from the Twitter faithful. At long last, the company has updated its litany of apps with support for direct message syncing -- in other words, a DM that you reply to on your Nexus 7 will no longer show as an unread message on your iPhone.

All told, seven different programs are seeing an update: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and TweetDeck (sorry, Windows Phone users!). For Android, iPhone, iPad and, the outfit's making search result improvements as well; additionally, a new in-app indicator in search results will show you when there are new Tweets for your query. Hit up the links below to download the new wares.