3DS update brings new Streetpass games, soft-selling rabbit

Ever dance with a rabbit who shilled new StreetPass diversions in the bright sunlight? No? Well, the latest 3DS update will fix that. Within the system's StreetPass Plaza dwells a white lagomorph with a penchant for salesmanship. After the anthropomorphic bunny describes each title and shows it off in the cutest and most Nintendo way possible, you can buy the quartet of new releases -- Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way and Monster Manor -- individually or as a discounted bundle. Each is $5 a pop, or with the package deal you can get all four for $15. The patch also brings another Puzzle Swap picture, Mii accessories purchasable with tickets earned from playing the new StreetPass games and new unlockable Mii hats. Nintendo says you can change your Mii's facial expression when StreetPassing with another user, too. Sure, Japanese and European owners got this a few weeks ago, but that shouldn't spoil the fun if you're in the US.