Hi-Rez exploring Tribes: Ascend user mapmaking tools

Hi-Rez exploring Tribes Ascend user mapmaking tools

Tribes: Ascend may be on Hi-Rez Studios' back burner, but that doesn't mean the game is dead. Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently interviewed CEO Todd Harris, who said that Ascend will be getting user-generated mapmaking tools at some point.

"The one thing we're going to be working on next is a path for users to basically add their own maps," Harris explained. "We just feel like it's at a good point to have users maintain it. We feel that it's a complete experience, and we want to give users the tools to add their own maps vs., say, us adding more guns that wouldn't benefit [the experience]."

When can we expect the tools, then, and what form will they take? "There's actually some community work toward an SDK [software development kit] that's been started, and I expect more details from us in the next month. It's not anything that has a date yet or a full feature set, but that's the only real feature that we have in the works -- aside from some small bug fixes," Harris said. The mapmaking tool proper is a "fresh concept" that lacks a firm release date, but Harris said that six months is the current target.